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DISPO Maintenance

“Dispo” is the name for the stock file with which Massmart empowers their suppliers. The Dispo contains all sorts of information that suppliers need to use, to manage their Massmart account. The Dispo is a massive set of data that contains sales information, stock levels and costs (amongst a whole host of other information), for each product and in each store. With hundreds of products and over 90 stores, one can start to appreciate that the set of data becomes massive and unmanageable.

Massmart has an automatic ordering system that uses past sales to predict future sales and bases orders on this intelligent calculation. If the data in the Dispo is not accurate, the system will not place the correct order value or will not place an order at all.

In order for the system to work as efficiently as possible, constant maintenance is needed to keep the Dispo as clean as possible. A cleaner Dispo essentially means increased sales and fewer returns.

iRam assists in identifying the areas that require attention on the Dispo and then goes a step further to provide services that assist in solving the problems and in effect maintaining the Dispo. The online tool sifts through the Dispo and; using intelligent algorithms, identifies the specific records that are inaccurate or have missing data. Once the focus areas have been identified, the iRam analyst will take the necessary action to remedy the situation.

Sales data changes daily, therefore the Dispo is fluid as well and requires constant attention and maintenance. The iRam analyst will give your Dispo the attention it deserves and your account will realise growth in excess of your expectations and targets.