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Inventory Management

Managing inventory has become the most important KPI by which suppliers are measured. It makes sense that having enough of the right stock on shelf is integral to the success of the business.

Replenishment models and stock ordering systems are evolving. Retailers are becoming more reliant on replenishment systems for managing inventory levels, therefore understanding these systems is key in order to maximise GMROI (gross margin return on inventory). By integrating downstream data and leveraging point of sale (PoS) data when available, iRam customers are using near real time data at store level rather than using historical information, to optimise replenishment and inventory. iRam manages and interprets data from retailers at a micro level. Data is broken down into multiple platforms.


  • Open to order
  • Inventory reduction
  • Days Stock Cover
  • Statuses
  • Sales performance (sell through VS history)
  • Preemptive ordering on low DSC SKU’s
  • Phantom Inventory and Perpetual Stock Counts