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About iRam

A gap exists between retailers and their vendors.  iRam aims to bridge the divide. The old way of managing retail required long-term, personal relationships to be developed , the new way of managing retail requires in-depth, immediate knowledge and insight that helps maintain that personal relationship.  iRam is breaking new ground in the way it helps retail suppliers manage their largest retail customers.

Using data to build insights, iRam directs focus and measures the efficacy of each action.

Suppliers are pressed for time and are often under-resourced. Suppliers are expected to manage their stock in stores as well mine data at a macro level. This is hugely time consuming.  iRam helps to get sales staff out of the office and into stores.

iRam has been designed to support key account management, it’s about really understanding your clients’ business, speaking the same language, knowing the industry or business sector and the people who are in it.  It’s having the ability to anticipate your clients’ needs.  Understanding key account management means knowing that it involves a collaborative approach from many aspects of the business and is not exclusively the role of the “key account manager”.  Although iRam’s primary focus is to provide support to key accounts, we understand that we need to support many other elements of the business in order to do this. For instance, if we do not help the purchasing manager forecast better than the key account manager has nothing to sell.

In the hugely competitive landscape that is retail, clients are measuring their suppliers at micro levels. The number of criteria by which suppliers are measured is increasing. Understanding these criteria is integral to the survival of a supplier.

To maximise potential and profitability, a supplier needs to understand the systems and use the systems to their advantage. This cannot be done unless the supplier can use the data they are given by the retailer, turn it into usable information and then disseminate across the organisation so that is can be used to minimise returns and maximise sales. iRam have developed systems and procedures to do this for every facet of your business.