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KAM Assistance

All systems and tools are only as good as their implementation.  Businesses hire strong sales people because they are good at selling and because it it their job to have a good understanding of the product being sold.

Although it is the responsibility of the key account manager or sales manager to understand their customers’ systems and procedures, it is not always feasible to maneuver within them without assistance.

Think of it like asking the accountant to perform her work without a calculator or without an accounting package or at the very least, Excel.  Without the relevant tools and assistance, they cannot be expected to effectively perform in their role.

If you want the perfect combination of skills that catapults your brand into the future of retail account management then this service is for you.  The combination of the iRam team’s tools and understanding of the retail environment and the product knowledge of the brand on the side of the supplier, is a winning one!