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House Keeping

How long do key account managers and admin staff spend maintaining their retail stock files each week?  Our estimate is anywhere between 4 and 5 hours.

Because the retailer’s automated ERP systems are constantly, automatically updating, stock-file maintenance should be done each week. A product for which you had a blockage or sales status removed last week, could be blocked again the following week.

The iRam house keeping automation tool enables you to do your weekly house keeping in a matter of minutes.  Our guarantee is under 10 minutes.

When dealing with large retail chains, some suppliers tend to treat the chain as one customer, forgetting or not paying attention to the fact that a chain is made up of many stores, all of which are customers on their own.

In the independent trade, it would be unacceptable to have a store that was not carrying a complete range – that is because we treat each independent store as a customer.  In large retail chains, many stores are overlooked when it comes to range completion.

Depending on the retailer, there are approximately 13 parameters to keep in check to ensure that a supplier either receives their automated order or not and then how large that order will be.

With hundreds of SKU’s and many stores, imagine how much you might be missing out with these parameters going unchecked each week.