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In-store Intelligence

If an automated system is placing an order, then what role do sales representatives visiting stores play in retail today?

iRam supplies information that allows sales representatives to make effective store calls that grow sales and save them time.

Acquiring a stock-file in store can take up to 45 mins per store visit.  Once the representative has the stock-file, it needs to be interpreted to derive value to enable you to make decisions.

The In-store reports  are alert, action-based exception reports. These are disseminated to the specific resource in the field each week.

You are now provided with an astute analysis of your account which enables you to focus your actions on the most pertinent issues in store instead of aimlessly wandering around not knowing what to do, now that the system places the order.

We very rarely, if at all, quantify the amount of time our resource is wasting in the market waiting for stock-files. Once they have them, are you sure that they know exactly what to do with them to affect the most change and have the most impact in the shortest time?

Our estimate is that you are spending roughly R9 000.00 per month for your rep force just to wait for stock-files!

Let iRam save you time and help you grow sales.