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The Detail in Retail

Businesses rely on data to make decisions such as what to do with marketing plans and how to manage supply chains and inventories. The effects of bad quality data can be grave.

Companies spend huge sums of money on systems and human resources, but to realise full value out of the systems and manpower, the data needs to be managed and interpreted well. Once interpreted, the data needs to be turned into information that offers clear deliverables and solutions to meet KPI’s. Poorly managed data hampers productivity and profitability.


iRam develops and delivers services that turn downstream data, such as point of sale (PoS), supply chain, merchandiser feedback and category data, into actionable visibility into the store and onto the shelf – thus, equipping sales managers with the information to make better decisions and giving sales staff the tools to do their jobs at optimum levels.

Retail is evolving – the way we service and manage retail accounts needs to evolve accordingly.